Learning centre

01Project description

A Training Center|Office in  Mārupe, Latvia.

The new building of the Training Center|Office is located in the suburban industrial zone, therefore, in order to fit into the context, the shape of the building is designed in an industrial style.

The building was designed with maximum economy in mind. This applies to both economical construction and economical building maintenance and saving resources. A heat pump is used for heating, solar panels are installed on the roof. External blinds protect the windows from overheating.

The client of the training center is a local company that has created a place for growth, technology acquisition and training for existing and new employees. It will also be possible to use the building for holding seminars and lectures for the local municipality and the residents of the neighborhood.

In the center of the building is a green courtyard, around which all four functional blocks of the building are located, creating a pure cross shape in plan. All technical rooms, vent chambers and escape stairs are brought out of this shape. In the outdoor space, all four front yards are located in the corners of the building – green areas with a terrace, benches and bike racks.

The building has a reinforced concrete structure. The load-bearing reinforced concrete elements and parts of the walls also form the interior of the learning center. The walls are designed as niches for rooms, built-in furniture and utilities, avoiding the irrational use of additional materials. The harmony of the interior is created by the balance between concrete and wood. The overall mood is created by the range of sand and forest tones of the Baltic Sea coast.

02Project team

Guntis Ziņģis, Kristīna Reinberga

03Total area of the territory

4000 m²

04Building area

1200 m²






EUmies Awards 2024 Nominee
Latvian Architecture Award 2023 Nominee

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