01Project description

Energy-efficient houses with a veranda

The ultimate vision for this project was a simple, prefabricated and energy-effective wood panel building with reasonable yet comfortable layouts and economical use of construction materials. The design is inspired by traditional wood structures – Latvian summerhouses, Georgian oda houses, Tbilisi verandas and other examples of historic architecture. In addition, something extra is planned for every house – to create a feeling of wellbeing on the veranda and an experience of the presence of nature.

The design of the houses combines time-honoured virtues with modern functionality and environmentally friendly solutions. For heating, a heat pump is used in combination with a small fireplace. Air quality is ensured by a ventilation system with a recuperator, enabling recovery of warm air. For the interior and the decoration of the facade, paint without toxic admixtures is used. Depending on the number of residents and the desired number of floors, it is possible to choose between either of the two versions of the house, as well as to select the size of the veranda and its precise placement in the facade of the structure.

02Project author

Guntis Ziņģis

03Areas of buildings

60-120 m²




Concept design

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